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What Does A Lawn Sprinkler System Cost?

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What Does A Lawn Sprinkler System Cost?

When it arrives to a home’s curb enchantment, a lush environmentally friendly garden is tricky to defeat. However, to maintain your grass and landscaping clean, they have to have suitable watering, and that is where a sprinkler method can be an a must have asset.

According to HomeAdvisor, the nationwide average charge of a lawn sprinkler system is $2,538 (within a $1,700 – $3,500 variety) for a quarter-acre garden (the typical suburban-home measurement). For greater lawns, or units with loads of bells and whistles, the ordinary price can mount as large as $5,500, Fixr.com finds.

In advance of you go in for an irrigation method (as the pros simply call it), let’s dig deeper into how sprinkler programs do the job, what you are going to pay, and why.

What are the types of sprinkler techniques?

There are numerous varieties of sprinkler methods for your home, and they differ appreciably in cost.

Above-ground: This is your standard, simple-vanilla method, with the sprinklers positioned on the floor of the lawn or garden and connected to a faucet or spigot through a hose. It’s the most cost-effective alternative, costing $1,800 or so for a a single-acre residence, according to Fixr (about $450 for every quarter acre).

Drip irrigation: A drip irrigation system, occasionally referred to as “on-ground,” also lies on best of the floor. But whilst previously mentioned-ground programs rest totally on the surface, drip irrigation ones are just marginally buried plenty of to present a additional discreet seem. It will run from $450 to $625 per quarter acre, states HomeAdvisor.

Underground/In-floor: As the name implies, underground sprinkler units are fully subterranean. Of course, these are the most eye-catching and unobtrusive, but also the most high priced, costing any place from $1,740 to $3,400.

“You can also get an automatic controller for in-floor and earlier mentioned-floor techniques, which provides a different $25-$300 to the price tag,” claims Jeremy Yamaguchi, CEO of Garden Love, a countrywide garden-care firm. Fundamental timers have been close to for a even though, of class. The most current issue is a sensible sprinkler technique that can be modified from your telephone the value for these can mount to about $2,630 for each quarter acre.

dimensions of your property is an great element in how significantly you fork out, with the normal value getting $.20 to $1 for every sq. foot. Having said that, there are generally reductions when you invest in protection for numerous parts.

Sprinkler Technique Costs by Acre

One-quarter acre $2,460
Just one-third acre $3,280
A person-50 % acre $4,920
1 acre $9,840
2 acres $19,680
2.5 acres $24,600
5 acres $49, 200


Larger sized yards and lawns are generally divided into zones, in particular if they have gardens. A zone is simply just a portion of your sprinkler procedure in which the exact same valve controls all of the sprinkler heads. Generating distinctive zones lets you to vary the total and frequency of watering the vegetation and grass in diverse parts.

Your sprinkler project’s full charge is likely to be dependent on the number of zones, and how a lot of sprinklers you have in every single zone. A single zone system can value amongst $650 – $1,000, whilst a single with seven zones can run amongst $4,550 – $7,000, in accordance to Fixr.


If you pick out an underground sprinkler method, you will require to dig a trench to position the sprinklers beneath the surface area. According to Household Advisor, this can run $4 to $12 for every linear foot, costing an common of $800 for each 100 linear ft.


Labor is a required expense to set up a new sprinkler method, but just how significantly it will cost you is dependent on the form of sprinkler procedure you pick out. Some are far more labor-intensive than other individuals.

Both of those above-ground and drip irrigation devices have a tendency to be much less expensive mainly because they simply just lay on major of the ground or close to it. An over-floor method commonly prices amongst $120 and $400, when drip irrigation can value amongst $320 and $1,600 for labor, in accordance to Fixr’s figures. In the meantime, underground/in-floor programs are extra high priced mainly because of the work essential to dig into the earth and build the trenches that maintain the sprinklers. Consequently, pricing typically operates between $640 and $1,600.

“Labor costs can travel up the selling price,” admits Yamaguchi. But specified the abilities necessary for massive jobs or in-ground programs, skilled installation is typically well worth the expenditure.


Your municipality might involve that you attain a allow in purchase to install a new sprinkler method, in particular if it is staying linked to the city or county water provide. These could operate up to a number of hundred pounds.

Sprinkler Heads

When installing a new sprinkler system, you also want to think about the sort of sprinkler heads you are heading to use. There are both equally earlier mentioned-ground and in-floor options primarily based on your program style with seven common alternatives for your sprinkler head, in accordance to Fixr:

  • Bubbler: $1 – $10
  • Misting/micro: $3 – $15
  • Pop Up: $7 – $20
  • Set: $7 – $22
  • Equipment-pushed Rotor: $8 – $25
  • Rotary Nozzle: $9 – $30
  • Impression Rotor: $11 – $35

The selling price of these sprinkler heads is generally involved in the over-all set up cost.

Do sprinklers enhance dwelling price?

Sprinkler units are not one particular of these showy residence advancements that immediately and specifically include price to a house. But they do engage in an critical oblique part.

Landscaping is a crucial aspect of a home’s curb charm. “You need to assure adequate watering to guarantee eye-catching landscaping, and an automatic sprinkler program tends to make items effortless for you,” claims Trevor Energetic, President of Blue Jay Irrigation. “Eventually, your residence results in being far more attractive to prospective purchasers, and you can request for a bigger cost.”

“From what we are told, a sprinkler will improve the price involving $5,000 and $15,000, relying on the dimensions of home and procedure,” Ketterling adds.

And of course, there’s your have enjoyment in your attractive grounds. It may well demand an investment currently, but your new sprinkler program could participate in an huge purpose in maintaining its lush environmentally friendly glance for many years to occur.

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