People Are Sharing Their Most Hated New Home Design Trends, And I Agree With Them

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Here is what they experienced to say:

“No doorway involving the master bedroom and master toilet. It is so irritating. The previous a few homes I’ve lived in have had this situation. I like to be in a position to near the door when I just take a bath or shower.”


Individuals on the Netflix fact demonstrate Fast Lodge experienced identical complaints about the leading-rated property in Time 2.

A guest who says,

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Consumer u/02K30C1 stated the same factor, but in a a lot less polite way: “Open thought bathrooms. I really do not require to see you getting a dump from my mattress.”

Yeah, are unable to argue with that.

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“Absence of storage place. Just purchased a new house and didn’t comprehend how very little place there was. We have one particular storage closet upstairs. That is it.”

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—u/A_Little bit_Off_Kilter

So true. These times, a linen closet is a scarce come across, especially in NYC apartments.

“Hollow interior doorways that really don’t preserve sound out from within the house and hallways — specifically hollow bedroom doors when you are making an attempt to snooze.”

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Oof. A different key town apartment building dilemma!

“Bedrooms that are only juuuuust significant sufficient for a double or queen mattress and a nightstand.”

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Sure! Did all of these commenters workforce up just to converse about my apartment woes?

“Most sinks are totally horrible. Looking superior is wonderful, but not at the expenditure of hitting your hand on the bowl each individual time you clean your hands.”

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“The lack of top secret bookshelf doorways. I signify, who designs their customized dwelling and does not include things like a bookshelf top secret door? People today layout properties for a explanation, and that purpose should really be secret doorways.”

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“I definitely never like the hearth design and style where by you are supposed to put your Tv set over it. A Television is way way too substantial when above the fireplace.”


This was a well known one particular.

“Tv over hearth. I refuse to have a location where this is envisioned or the only option. I like my gasoline hearth and operate it 6 months a yr. I would cook a Tv if mounted to the mantel. Also, its terrible aesthetics. I won’t be able to stand it.”

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“I despise the style of houses that have a massive garage in the entrance ‘Welcome to my garage — the household is in the again.'”


“I do not know if it’s new new, but it drives me crazy when people substitute cabinetry with open shelves. Will not people recognize dust? Bugs ring a bell? Pet hair? Speaking of animals, how do you keep your cats from messing about with that setup?”

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“Significant showers but no bathtub. Grayish-colored floors. Shelves as a substitute of higher cabinets.”

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“Kitchens that they cram into a slim rectangle. A whole lot of residences and city properties appear with these. They are so slim that if you open up the fridge doorway, no one can walk earlier you. A kitchen ought to be open, not walled in all sides and formed like a slender rectangle. It drives me outrageous when I see these.”


“Grey. Laminate. Floors.”


“Portray around bricks. It is really just like how people made use of to put carpet about great wooden hard floors.”

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Some people acquired seriously passionate.

“Why is every thing so damn bland? Why are white and gray the well known colours? What ever occurred to colour? Why can not we have dwelling rooms wallpapered with huge vibrant bouquets, extended suede couches in deep fuchsia? And mile-large blue carpets that you sink into when you walk? No matter what happened to walnut paneling and colored subway tile in the lavatory? What ever occurred to fragile stenciled bouquets on the within of the bowl of the rest room sink? When did we drop our personalities?”

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“Beating minimalism to dying with a sledgehammer. Everything being gray/white, even painting over attractive normal wooden, pretty much zero color any place. Just breaks my heart when they get wonderful classic homes and renovate them to shit by producing anything seem so sterile.”


This particular person would detest to see what Molly Mae is planning to do to her bathroom.

Some folks had milder views.

“I never get why folks require a bowl total of ornaments or just shiny balls.”

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Finest remark goes to u/NotSoGreatOldOne for this one: “Not becoming equipped to find the money for a single.”

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What do you assume? Did they leave any really crucial ones out? What is your most hated new residence layout trend? Allow us know in the feedback!

Be aware: Some responses have been edited for size and/or clarity.

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