47 best holiday gifts for wine lovers: Subscriptions, more

For the Cabernet connoisseurs, French wine fans and everyone in between, our top 45 gifts for wine lovers is the holiday gift guide to bookmark.

Whether you indulge in a crisp glass of Chardonnay with dinner or have a family member, best friend, partner or coworker who really represents “wino” to a T, you’ll appreciate our wine-tastic edit of the most festive glasses, subscriptions and more.

And hey, we’re totally down for you shopping for yourself; it’s been quite the year, so we’re sending virtual *cheers* from our newsroom to your home.

Not to mention, this guide is designed for the bubbly brunch crew who loves toasting rosé with their girlfriends and folks of all ages who appreciate a new blend of fresh grapes to crack open.

Below, find our 47 best holiday gifts for wine lovers. They’ll spread Christmas cheer, for sure, while also tapping into that clink-clink cheer that makes you merry all year round.

Firstleaf’s Build Your Own Box of Wine is a lovely gift for anyone to try out new brands and have six full-size bottles to add to their collection. Plus, the quality is incredible for the price.

Usual Wines Mixed Pack

The bottles within Usual Wines’ Mixed Pack are Goldilocks perfect and great to bring on the go for picnics and boozy celebrations. Plus, the easy-to-open twist cap makes the delicious-tasting wine all the more reason to gift this 12-pack of red, rosé and brut.

Vinebox 12 Nights of Wine Advent Calendar

How festive is Vinebox’s 12 Nights of Wine Advent Calendar? The cute winter-esque box has 12 skinny capsules with just the perfect amount of wine, so your gift recipient can try a new blend with this unique bundle.

Le Grande Verre Tour of the Countryside Reds

If you’ve ever wanted to tour California’s Napa Valley, gift Le Grande Verre’s Tour of the Countryside Reds. With Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Haut-Medoc, it’s a fine quad for someone to unwrap this season.

Twister Wine Aerator & Decanter Set

Twister’s Wine Aerator & Decanter Set includes a stainless steel stand for holding and storing the glass aerator. Plus, the decanter’s mouthblown glass is artfully crafted.

Williams Sonoma Wine Pairing Chocolate Bars

What pairs well with wine? Chocolate, of course! Williams Sonoma’s four-pack of luxe milk and dark chocolate bars are an iconic gift anyone on your list would love to receive.

JoyJolt Spirits Stemless Wine Glasses (Set of 4)

Ride the new wave of stemless wine glasses with this four-pack that’s less than $25.

Wine-Opoly Monopoly Board Game

Pass go and collect $200 (and, take a sip of wine while you’re at it) with the Wine-Opoly Monopoly Board Game. If the wine lover in your life is into fun games, you can’t go wrong with this activity.

Outdoor Wine Table

Perfect for your backyard patio, this Outdoor Wine Table is an ingenious option to store two glasses of wine, a bottle and even a container of mixed nuts.

Whirlpool 25-Bottle Wine Fridge

Whirlpool’s 25-Bottle Wine Fridge is a no-brainer gift idea for anyone who’s in desperate need of some wine storage (you know who you are).

Oggi Stainless Steel Double Wall Wine Cooler

Oggi’s Stainless Steel Double Wall Wine Cooler is $10 is a no-frills option that does the job of storing and chilling your favorite wine.

Waterford Elegance Wine Bottle Stopper

For an elegant wine bottle accessory, Waterford’s Elegance Wine Bottle Stopper makes a showy gift for anyone on your list.

Brookstone Automatic Wine Opener in Black

Brookstone’s Automatic Wine Opener is one of the easiest ways to crack open a bottle of bubbly — for $20, too.

Vintners Wine Opener

For advanced wine connoisseurs, Vintners’ Wine Opener is next-level and makes a beautiful display piece for anyone’s at-home bar.

Joanna Buchanan Christmas Wine Charms (Set of 6)

Ring in the holiday spirit with these gorgeous Christmas Wine Charms. Not to mention, the six-pack of merry bows, candy canes and mistletoe is ideal for this year’s holiday party.

Twine Rose Quartz Wine Gems (Set of 6)

My best friend swears by these Wine Gems for chilling your wine. And, for the person on your list who loves everything pink, wine not?

Cody Foster Red Wine Glass Ornament

Deck the halls in the classiest way possible with the Cody Foster Red Wine Glass Ornament. For $15, it’s an accented steal.

Wine Simple: A Totally Approachable Guide from a Word-Class Sommelier

Wine Simple is the perfect coffee table book that’s also educational; it’s written by a world-class sommelier!

California Wine Mixer

Shop this California Wine Mixer for a unique eight-piece set that’s reminiscent of a top-down tour through the West Coast.

Fiorella Wine Glasses (Set of 4)

These Fiorella Wine Glasses are a stunning four-pack that anyone would love to receive (and display for entertaining)!

Compact Swivel Cheese Board with Knives

We love our charcuterie boards, and this Compact Swivel Cheese Board is tiered, practical and folds nicely for simple storage.

Cowgirl Creamery Cowgirl Deluxe Cheese Collection

We don’t have to tell you twice that cheese and wine are a superstar combo. Cowgirl Creamery’s Cowgirl Deluxe Cheese Collection will have you feeling like one of the Royals when the flavors are paired with your favorite wine.

Project 62 Bar Tool Set with Gold Stand

For a budget-friendly gift idea, consider Project 62’s Bar Tool Set with an included gold stand for a posh display piece.

Great for the home office junkie who loves wine, this 22″ Cork Board is, truly, a corkboard.

30 Watt Silicone Wine Glass Holder for Bath & Shower

Ideal for the bubble bathers, this Silicone Wine Glass Holder is one of Amazon’s Choice products and is less than $20 during the holiday season.

Merlot Infused Coffee

Wine and coffee? Not a combo you’d think of but, if you know someone who loves coffee equally as one, these whole beans are your best bet.

Monogram Letter Wine Cork Holder

The Monogram Letter Wine Cork Holder is decor-perfect for anyone who recently renovated an at-home bar or is looking for a unique piece of art to adorn their walls.

Plus, it’s great for the cork collector.

Pistachio Pedestal

Uncommon Goods’ Pistachio Pedestal is one of the most clever woodworking inventions out there and is ideal to set on the table (with a wine bottle, of course). With a center tray for the nuts and a bottom tray to store the shells, it’s one of my favorite household displays.

Vinglace Wine Chiller

Gift a chic wine gift with the Vinglace Wine Chiller — a gold option that always looks good and perfectly chills your bottle.

Fine Like Wine Crewneck Sweatshirt

Perfect for wine and movie nights, the Fine Like Wine Crewneck Sweatshirt is an awesome idea for anyone who loves anything cozy (which is all of us, TBH).

Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Making Kit

Yes, you can make your own Cabernet Sauvignon for $60 — what’s not to love?

Secura Electric Wine Opener

Gift a highly coveted electric wine opener this Christmas for a hassle-free way to open your favorite bottle.

Nambé Gourmet Bar Curvo Wine Rack

Uniquely crafted and rustic-inspired, this wine rack is a high-end staple that’ll be displayed for years of wine-hosting fun.

Michael Aram Black Orchid Wine Rest

How elegant is Michael Aram’s Black Orchid Wine Rest? Great for a kitchen or at-home bar, it’ll garner compliments, for sure.

Bottle-of-Wine Chocolate Truffles Box

As mentioned, we’re all about the wine and chocolate combo. The Bottle-of-Wine Chocolate Truffles Box is totally on-brand with that memo, too — just sayin’.

Personalized Picnic Table Wine Carrier

If you enjoy sipping on your whites and reds outdoors, this Personalized Picnic Table Wine Carrier is the hidden gem online that’ll get people asking, “Where’d you get that?”

Selma Wine Glasses (Set of 2)

Minimal yet still festive, this two-pack of Selma Wine Glasses is great for anyone who loves collecting cute glasses and mugs.

Martell Wine Holder

The Martell Wine Holder is bringing up elegance this season and is just the perfect size for your counter or bar. Plus, it’s less than $60.

Mayfair Wall-Mounted Wine Glass Shelf

Gift a new take on a wine rack — a wall-mounted showpiece! The Mayfair Wall-Mounted Wine Glass Shelf serves the looks — and, when used, your wine.

The Rosé Collection

Vinebox isn’t just known for its festive advent calendar. Its customized boxes, specifically its rosé bundle, are amazing to gift for the boozy brunch guy or gal in your life.

Marble Honeycomb Cheese Knives (Set of 3)

Feel like a King or Queen with the Marble Honeycomb Cheese Knives to pair with your wine when you (or your gift recipient) are entertaining guests.

Royce New York Wine Carrying Case

If your loved one always follows the BYOB rule for restaurant dining, gift them the Royce New York Wine Carrying Case to transport their favorite bottle in style; it’s definitely on my to-buy list!

Huski Iceless Wine Cooler

A cooler with no ice required? Talk about turn-of-the-century. Huski’s Iceless Wine Cooler delivers exactly that for $70 this holiday season.

Expert World Vineyard Italian Pinot Grigio

This bundle is great for the Pinot Grigio lover in your life. That said, it’s worth adding to your cart for anyone on your list who’s a fan of the crisp whites.

Sophia Wine Caddy

We can’t get over the Sophia Wine Caddy — a.k.a. the cutest wine tote alive.

Bright Cellars Wine Club

Bright Cellars is one of the best wine boxes that can be shipped. When I received my box, it was catered to the unique wine quiz I took on its website, so you can try four bottles of wine hand-picked just for you.

Plus, the four bottles are quality; I received a cute-labeled bottle of Austrian wine and loved the flavor and packaging.

VoChill Wine Chiller

How chic is the VoChill Wine Chiller? Not only is it perfect for the wine lover in your life who loves bubble baths and the occasional glass, but it ensures your wine won’t spill, either, due to its modern elevation. It makes a unique gift, for sure!

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