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How To Make Homemade Protein Bars

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How To Make Homemade Protein Bars

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Protein bars are a effortless snack. They normally never demand reheating and are effortless to take with you and take pleasure in on the go.

Mainly because they’re a prosperous resource of protein, these bars can offer a strengthen of diet before a exercise or aid recovery afterward. They could even benefit fat reduction and assistance you sense total among meals (1, 2, 3, 4).

Numerous industrial manufacturers of protein bars incorporate substances like additional sugar, additives, preservatives, or prevalent allergens like dairy and nuts.

To stay away from these, you may possibly consider earning your own bars at dwelling. Or, it’s possible you just love experimenting in the kitchen area!

In any situation, this posting is your information to making your have protein bars at property. It contains a couple of straightforward recipes, ingredients to use and steer clear of, and a comparison of do-it-yourself and keep-acquired options.

Initial, let us choose a nearer appear at the primary measures you will take to make your individual protein bars at house.

1. Opt for your recipe and review the elements

The first step when earning protein bars at property is choosing on a recipe to abide by.

A speedy on line search is confident to generate hundreds of distinctive recipes. You can effortlessly find ones that cater to specific nutritional constraints like nut-no cost, vegan, paleo, gluten-absolutely free, and much more.

Following reading above a handful of recipes, you may perhaps notice how versatile protein bars are and you may well even arrive up with your individual tips making use of your most well-liked components.

To support you get began, in this article are a couple of my preferred recipes:

You can also verify out these lists for 32 selfmade electrical power bar recipes and 33 vitality ball recipes — quite a few of which are loaded with protein.

When you’ve landed on a recipe, very carefully review it to be certain there are no components you have an allergy to or want to keep away from.

2. Gather up your tools

There are a number of important applications that are excellent to have on hand before you get commenced. These contain:

  • Baking sheet or pan. A 9 x 13-inches (28.9 x 33-cm) rimmed baking sheet is a good alternative for a skinny protein bar which is close to 1 inch (2.5 cm) thick. If you want a thicker bar, you can use a deeper 9 x 9-inches (28.9 x 28.9-cm) cake pan or casserole dish.
  • Measuring cups. Though you can estimate the ingredient amount of money in some recipes, other people want you to measure exactly how significantly you increase to achieve a ideal taste, texture, and protein material.
  • Parchment paper. If your recipe makes use of ingredients like honey, peanut butter, or dried fruit, there’s a excellent likelihood points could get sticky. Parchment paper is good for lining baking pans and maintaining finished protein bars from sticking jointly.
  • Rubber spatula. This instrument not only operates miracles for mixing sticky ingredients together, but it is also excellent for smoothing the protein bar combination into an even layer in your baking dish.
  • Food processor. Although not usually vital, a foods processor or hand mixer can velocity things up. A meals processor can chop up ingredients, mix them with each other, and generate a cohesive and well-mixed bar.

3. Bear in mind these recommendations

After you have collected up your equipment and ingredients, bear in mind these ideas although working on your bars:

  • Review your recipe carefully. Some protein bars are intended to be baked in the oven, while others are not. Make positive not to warmth up a no-bake bar to prevent impacting its texture.
  • Start off compact. Primarily when making an attempt a recipe you’ve in no way produced in advance of, take into account beginning with a compact batch. This way, you can make absolutely sure you get pleasure from it ahead of expending cash on a total batch really worth of components.
  • Bars, bites, and balls are often interchangeable. Quite often, protein bites and electrical power balls are equivalent to protein bars, just shaped in different ways. With most foundation recipes, you can easily shape the snack to your choice.
  • Experiment with substances. If you locate a recipe that has an component or two you want to exchange, try out substituting it with one thing of related texture and regularity. This will help ensure your bars maintain together as intended by the recipe developer.


To make protein bars at dwelling, pick out a recipe that appears to be like excellent to you, get up the components and instruments needed, and truly feel no cost to experiment with substances and designs.

No matter whether it’s to develop muscle mass, gasoline your work out, maintain you experience complete among meals, or assistance fat reduction, protein bars can be a terrific addition to your food plan.

There are lots of protein-abundant substances that perform nicely in selfmade bars, and there is a great opportunity you can discover at minimum a couple of that you delight in.

If you’re definitely hunting to load up the sum of protein, a plant or animal-dependent protein powder dietary supplement could give you the most bang for your buck. In truth, many these types of powders can supply upwards of 20 grams of protein for each serving (5).

If you pick to use a protein powder in your bars, observe that some persons discover that certain health supplements have a solid bitter style. Hence, take into account commencing with a compact sum to make confident the taste is not way too overpowering.

On the other hand, if you are on the lookout to stay clear of protein powders, lots of bar-ideal whole foods substances are also prosperous sources of protein.

For instance, in place of protein powder, you can use:

  • total or chopped nuts: peanuts, almonds, walnuts, cashews
  • nut or seed butter: peanut, almond, cashew, sunflower, tahini
  • seeds: hemp, flax, pumpkin, sunflower, chia
  • bean paste: white beans, black beans
  • puffed cereals: quinoa, crispy brown rice


Protein powder dietary supplements are a wonderful way to include higher high quality protein to your bars. For complete foods protein resources, attempt nuts, beans, seeds, and protein-wealthy cereals.

1 of the very best things about earning your very own protein bars at house is that you have total management over what goes in them.

Commercially designed goods typically contain significant amounts of sugar or other sweeteners, processed plant oils like palm oil, and an array of chemical preservatives, emulsifiers, and other artificial substances.

With homemade protein bars, you can avoid these substances totally or use them in moderation at an amount of money you’re comfy with.

If this is a worry that speaks to you, contemplate limiting or keeping away from the following substances:

  • sugar and sweeteners: honey, agave syrup, brown rice syrup, caster sugar
  • artificial sweeteners: xylitol, sorbitol, sucralose
  • processed plant oils: palm, canola, soybean


If you want to keep away from some of the ingredients used in store-bought protein bars, restrict your use of sugar, artificial sweeteners, and processed plant oils.

Yet another perk of producing protein bars at dwelling is that you can easily adjust ingredients to comply with your nutritional limits and wants.

Below are a couple illustrations of easy strategies to regulate protein bar recipes to meet up with your demands:

  • Small calorie. Restrict chocolate and dried fruits, because these ingredients add added calories and reasonably minor protein. You can also measure the part measurement of your bars to enable with calorie management.
  • Lower carb. Restrict popular resources of carbs applied in protein bars like oats, cereal, or sugar. If you need a dry component to use in spot of oats, attempt reduced-carb almond flour. In its place of employing matters like honey for binding, you can use coconut oil or egg.
  • Vegan. Hold out animal-derived protein powders like whey and casein, as well as animal-primarily based milk and eggs. If you want to include chocolate chips, be certain to use a vegan wide range.
  • Paleo. Load up on considerably less-processed components like nuts, seeds, fruits, and eggs. Avoid processed oils and sugars, artificial sweeteners, grains, and candies.


Modifying protein bars to your nutritional limitations is ordinarily simple, demanding just a several easy swaps. There are several recipes presently made for reduced calorie, small carb, vegan, paleo, and allergen-absolutely free protein bars.

Making your possess protein bars has a variety of advantages.

In addition to currently being in manage of the component list, you can guarantee the bars accommodate your dietary choices and particular flavor.

Additionally, you’re equipped to depart out any ingredients employed in professional types that you do not want to consume.

What is extra, building a major batch of protein bars can be a lot more very affordable than buying them individually or by the box.

It might not feel like it when you evaluate the cost of a solitary protein bar to the cost of all the substances it normally takes to make a full batch at household. Even so, hold in mind that some of the bought ingredients will be in portions big adequate to make a number of batches.

In reality, in some scenarios, the largest price of earning protein bars at dwelling can be the time you spend generating them.

Another perk of making a huge batch at residence is that quite a few protein bars freeze well and are uncomplicated to integrate into a meal prep regime.

When it will come to downsides, there are only a couple.

Though most recipes are rapid to put together — only requiring you to mix jointly the ingredients and form the bars — it may even now just take lengthier than halting by the closest grocery shop to acquire a pre-built variation.

Furthermore, if you’re searching for a product that is shelf-secure for additional than a handful of times and you don’t have a freezer or fridge out there, a keep-purchased selection might be a greater alternative.


Earning your own bars can be more cost-effective than acquiring premade versions, and you can involve and exclude ingredients to your liking. On the downside, the shelf everyday living and ease of retail outlet-acquired versions may well be preferable to some.

Protein bars are a convenient way to fuel workouts, continue to be total among meals, and add a lot more protein to your food plan.

There are nearly countless recipes for protein bars on line. Quite a few of these are easy to follow, and there’s a good possibility you can locate at the very least a couple that meet your nutritional requirements and choices.

Get began building homemade protein bars with a handful of of the straightforward recipes joined in this post.

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