How to Help Ukraine When Picking Out Decor for Your Home

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The war between Russia and Ukraine has resulted in a number of home design-related brands to step up for the ongoing crisis. And as a customer, you have the chance to be a part of it through your purchases. Whether it’s sending a donation on Etsy or buying a statement piece from The Nopo’s GUNIA Project—in which 100% of proceeds go directly to Ukrainian artisans—there are ways to ensure that some of what you’re spending on home decor aids those in need.

Scroll and shop note-worthy items that will change the atmosphere of your space in every way.

Note: Depending on the product, it’s possible you won’t receive it due to the war’s delayed or stopped shipping. While some artists have completely gone the digital route to continue fulfilling orders, be wary of the heartfelt reason why a package isn’t arriving. Nevertheless, we hope this list will inspire you to be more thoughtful about what’s in your cart because like with most things, a little from everyone goes a long way.

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Send Your Love to Ukraine Banner

Lilya of NurseryDecorByLily runs an Etsy shop filled with baby mobiles. Think llamas, rainbows, cacti, and more in all colors that your little one will love.

As mentioned, since the Russian invasion, she’s been unable to produce and ship goods. “I have two little daughters…and my husband went to defend our country,” she said in her e-mail to past customers. “Today we are without income! You can take care of my family and the families of our loved ones by purchasing one of these digital products.”

Shoppers are able to donate anywhere from $30 to $100 and each donation comes with a digital banner that represents love and support for the Eastern European country.


Creative Embroidery Flowers and Herbs Pattern

The next one is an Etsy’s Pick and for good reason. Many are in Lilya’s situation, but sellers like VividStitchShop are opting to provide digital PDF downloads of how to do their craft to make a living. Lend a hand and simultaneously pick up a new skill.

Looking to go after a bigger investment? Keep EMKO’s Naïve Sofa in mind as 3% of every order goes to the Blue/Yellow Support Organization—a group that’s fighting against Russian aggression since 2014 by supplying Ukrainian soldiers and volunteers with non-lethal supplies.

Enjoy The Wood is a small business creating handmade travel decor like a wooden map all the way from Irpin, Ukraine. It’s the eye-catching allure your walls are missing, especially if you’ve been to many places around the world. Just remember, there’s limited stock, and a high likelihood your order will be delayed—but think of it as an investment in a Ukranian future.

“Let me start by saying that this map is gorgeous and absolutely worth the money I paid for it,” a happy review said. It is handmade in Ukraine and traveled through several countries to get to me and it still arrived on time.”


Ukraine Kyiv Sunflower Digital Landscape

Let’s face it, you can never have too much wall art. Snag a print from MeriteWatercolour and go on to check out all the other Etsy artists from Ukraine to get that gallery going. Since these are digital pieces, the transactions are instant and you won’t have to worry about the art not arriving.


Handcrafted Big Tea Cup

Not only will a handmade cup from Ukraine be of excellent quality, the design is unique and we bet you don’t have anything like it.

The GUNIA Project was founded in 2017 by Natasha Kamenska and Maria Gavryliuk to show the incredible craftsmanship coming from Ukraine. Now The Nopo is selling the brand’s products online with all sales being given directly to the artisans.

“The Nopo will do everything possible to make sure your order is fulfilled, but in the case that it is not, The Nopo will not be able to issue any refunds,” a statement said. “The customer, therefore, assumes the risk of not receiving the item. Click here to read the full disclaimer.”

Talk about having something special in your home…we guarantee a Tiger candle holder checks off so many boxes.

In February, Cold Picnic auctioned off this custom-designed Crocodile runner on Instagram to raise humanitarian aid funds for the people of Ukraine. While the bidding has stopped, you could still show your support and line part of a room with the rug.

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