July 25, 2024

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Home Organization Tips – 5 Ways to Automate Or Delegate Your Home Organization and Decluttering

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My dream is to live in a self-organizing home where everything falls into its place automatically and you don’t have to care of any of the home organization or cleaning tasks.

Of course, this is not realistic (maybe in the future it is) and we always have to do the organization and cleaning at least to some extent by ourselves.

Here you can find five tips to automate your decluttering and cleaning actions at least a bit, in some cases even completely.

Outsource your cleaning
This one is on the top of my wish list: outsource the cleaning completely. I would just love to enter a home which is clean and where you don’t have to take care of the cleaning by yourself. By outsourcing, you free up your time for other meaningful tasks.

Currently I’m not doing this, but hopefully I am in the near future. Sure, it costs, but I would pay for getting rid of this task completely and having time to do something else.

Outsource your window washing
I clean my windows two times a year and every time I try to find reasons for not doing this. I find this task to be hard and tedious. However, I want to take care of my windows, so there is no way around this.

I haven’t tried this, but I would assume it’s cheaper to outsource just your window cleaning than hiring someone to clean your whole household.

Once again, it costs money, but it saves your time and your nerves and gives you time to something more fun.

Use advanced technology for cleaning
Even the cleaning technology goes forward all the time and one example of this is robot vacuum cleaners. I haven’t used one for cleaning, but as much as I have heard from my friends, it truly helps in their cleaning efforts, at least a bit. And less time you use for manual vacuum cleaning the better.

Hire a Professional Organizer
The same way you can outsource your cleaning, you can outsource your home organization as well. I haven’t used any of the services provided by Professional Organizer, but instead of you taking care of the organization, they are doing it for a certain fee.

Turn your bills to electronic
If possible, you can turn your bills electronic. This way you can reduce the paper clutter that comes into your home by mail. I love this small step, since the less I have to deal with paper bills the better.

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