Home office 3.0: Use these 9 gift ideas to make your desk a better place to work

You may not know you need a monitor lamp or a foot rest or a plant but these changes will make it easier to complete your daily shift.

Whether you’re sticking with a fully remote schedule or venturing into the office a few days a month, it’s a good time to revisit your home office setup. You should be on version 3.0 at this point with at least one upgrade mid-2020. Now you may need a few tweaks such as a wireless charging stand or a monitor lamp. Or, if you’ve got a full-time remote gig, it could be time to go big and get an electric sit/stand desk. 

Either way, some practical changes and aesthetic edits such as desk art and a plant will brighten the long days of winter in the northern hemisphere and make it easier to log your eight plus hours every day. Take a look at these nine recommendations for your workspace for treat yo’self presents or holiday gifts for anyone working from home.


Image: Mojo

You may have upgraded your chair at some point in the last year. Now’s the time to upgrade your desk. Your back will thank you if you invest in this sit/stand desk because even 15-20 minutes of standing a few times a day is better than eight hours straight sitting. The MojoDesk has electric telescoping legs that can go from a height of 24″ up to almost 50″ — making it suitable for people from 4’11” to 6’6″, according to the company. There are four programmable presets so you don’t have to remember the perfect height and a sensor that stops the desk if there’s a child or pet under it. 

$619 at Mojo


Image: Fully

If your budget doesn’t stretch to an electric sit/stand desk, there are other options. The Cora Standing Desk Converter is a smaller and more affordable way to add some standing time to your day. The work surface is 1.3″ when folded up and 15.7″ when the aluminum legs are extended. You can stow it away when the workday is over or even take it with you if needed. The Cora weighs 22.5 pounds and comes with a five-year warranty.

$159 at Fully


Image: Amazon

You can keep moving even when you’re sitting down by adding a foot rest to your home office. The ErgoFoam Foot Rest is adjustable so you can get the height just right. It’s also reversible if you want to vary your movements. The foot rest is covered in black velvet and the cover unzips and comes off for washing.

$44 at Amazon


Image: Walmart

The proper lighting is to your eyes what a sit/stand desk is to your posture. Monitor lamps can improve the lighting of your desk. The idea is that monitor lamps focus the light beam on your workspace and can reduce glare. You can adjust the brightness of the light and the color temperature. The Mijia Computer Monitor Light Bar comes with a wireless remote and a mounting bar. It attaches to the top of your monitor and adjusts up to 25 degrees.

$58 at Walmart


Image: Amazon

If you’re tired of keeping track of a charging cable, consider a wireless charging stand. The Native Union Dock works with Android and Apple phones and holds your device at just the right angle for video calls. The stand comes in two solid colors, two color block designs and two speckled designs. It charges through most cases and comes with a charging cable. You may still check every notification that comes through but you won’t have to pick up your phone to do so.

$69 at Amazon


Image: Writey Boards

If you’re spending a few days a month in the office, this whiteboard can make the trip with you. Premium WriteyBoards are restickable and come with a marker. There is a thin foam layer between the whiteboard surface and the adhesive backing, which means it will work on textured walls. Four sizes range from 1×1.5 feet up to 4×8 feet with price tags going from $12 up to $160. The  2×3 feet version is $35. You can choose between a white or black finish.

$35 at Writey


Image: Ilee/Etsy

Etsy has a desk-sized calendar for every interest from cute food to national parks to inspirational quotes. This 2022 calendar includes 12 monthly cards with original artwork and one extra year at a glance card. It is a mix of old-school letterpress and silkscreen on fine papers. Most calendars come with a stand so you don’t have to open your calendar to know what day it is.

$24 at ilee on Etsy


Image: Gardenuity

Gardenuity has a Tropical Garden in bamboo planters sized for your desk. This kit also contains a mister and plant nutrients to increase the odds of your green co-workers surviving the quarter. The plants are designed to grow in low light and each one has its own unique coloring and variegation.

$57 at Gardenuity


Image: Grovemade

If you have a tendency to let your workspace get messy, consider a desk pad. This one from Grovemade is made from linoleum, resists fingerprints and wipes clean. It’s got a cork foot across the bottom to keep it in place. It works with optical mice and you can write directly on it. It comes in two colors and five sizes from small to extra large. The medium size is 11.5″ by 38″ and $50.

$50 at Grovemade

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