Drinkworks Offering Home Bar System Machine Owners Reimbursement Following Company Closure

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Drinkworks Reimbursement Program Overview: 

  • Who: Drinkworks has announced a reimbursement program for consumers who own its home bar system machines. 
  • Why: The reimbursement program comes following Drinkworks’ announcement that it is ceasing its business operations and thus will no longer be able to service or replace the machines.
  • Where: Consumers nationwide can participate in the reimbursement program.

Consumers with Drinkworks machines may be eligible for reimbursement following the company’s December announcement that it is ceasing its operations. 

“Thank you for being part of our passionate Drinkworks community,” the company said in its announcement. “On Dec. 15, 2021, we made the difficult decision to close Drinkworks with sales of Drinkmaker machines ceasing immediately.”

Drinkworks, which sold cocktail pods, C02 and accessories, along with home bar system machines, said the reimbursements are being offered since it will no longer be able to replace or service the machines. 

Consumers will have until Feb. 28 to file a claim for reimbursement, which can be done online. Reimbursement can not be achieved by bringing the machine back to a retail location, Drinkworks warned. 

The only individuals who are automatically excluded from being able to receive reimbursement are those who were gifted the machines through their employment with Drinkworks or through marketing or public relations campaigns, according to the company.

Cocktail Pods Will Remain On Sale Through March 31

Consumers will only be eligible to receive reimbursements on the machines, according to the company, which says sales of its cocktail pods will remain available through March 31 or while supplies last.

Drinkworks says it has voided the warranty on the machines because it is offering reimbursement and will no longer be able to service them. Consumers who were previously given a second machine thanks to a warranty will only be eligible for reimbursement on one machine, the company said. 

Consumers will be able to keep their machines if they choose, or they can recycle for free through a prepaid mail back program being conducted by Drinkworks.

Individuals with questions or concerns about the reimbursement program are encouraged to contact Drinkworks directly by email at [email protected] or phone at 1-855-374-6596. 

Keurig, another company that incorporates drink pods into its product, was the target of a class action lawsuit in 2018 that argued it falsely advertised some of its K-Cup single-serving coffee pods as being recyclable

The plaintiff in the case, a California woman named Kathleen Smith, argued that Keurig Green Mountain K-Cup pods were too small to be recycled despite labeling stating they could be. 

Do you own a Drinkworks home bar system machine? Let us know in the comments! 

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Drinkworks Offering Home Bar System Machine Owners Reimbursement Following Company Closure

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